DestinyMC Skyblock Wiki

Trading allows players to buy and sell items to each other. To start a trade with a player you do '/trade <playername>'. People will be able to trade with you if they do '/trade accept' then. We strongly advise you to engage in trades with other players using this method, as items could despawn or get picked up by other players if dropped on the ground.

Command Description
/trade <playername> Requests the player to trade with you
/trade accept Accepts a trade request, you have 30 seconds to accept
/trade decline Declines a trade request

When trading you can add items you want to offer to the other player on the top left hand side of the menu and anything they offer will be on the right side. To offer money to the other player you can press the gold nugget, gold ingot or gold block. To take all money out of the trade simply press the barrier block to the right of the gold block. Click on the green wool twice to accept a trade. To decline, click on the red wool.