DestinyMC Skyblock Wiki

You can apply to join our Staff Team and/or Build Team through our discord:

Currently, our staff Chain of Command is as follows:

Helper → Trial Moderator → Moderator → Senior Moderator → Administrator → Manager

Content Team

Our content team is focused on providing us with valuable feedback on current features we have in place on Skyblock, as well as suggesting new features to introduce. They are involved in a lot of updates and is made up of active and very experienced players.


Builders work on the maps we use on Skyblock. From events to our spawn, they are always working on new projects to make the game more enjoyable for our players.


Helpers are community and support-orienteered members of our community whose main goal is to assist players with any issues they have on Skyblock. Feel free to ask them for help if you find yourself in need of assistance!

Trial Moderators

Trial Moderators are experienced helpers transitioning into the role of Moderator. This is the intermediate stage between helper and moderator, to be used to help staff adjust to the increase in responsibilities and permissions they have on Skyblock.


Moderators are still a support-orienteered role on Skyblock, however they also carry out a lot of other tasks on top of helping players. At this stage in the staff team, they may also help run and organise events for the community.

Senior Moderators

Senior Moderators look out for the lower staff ranks, advising staff as well as helping those struggling within the team. They are part of the Senior Staff Team.


Administrators work alongside the Manager to make sure the server, staff and community are well. They are involved in the content introduced to Skyblock, often working behind the scenes to test new features either suggested by players or researched by the staff team.


The manager is in charge of the running of Skyblock. They make sure that plugins are running smoothly, fixing any errors or bugs that are found in-game and much more. Our current manager is Tessting.