DestinyMC Skyblock Wiki

The shop allows players to buy and sell in game items.

Command Description
/Shop Opens the shop gui
/shop <category> Redirects you to that category in the shop

To purchase an item, left click on the desired item, select the amount you want and click on the green glass that says "Confirm".

Selling an item can be done in two ways, the Quick Sell and the Manual Way.

  • The Quick Sell can be performed by pressing your Middle Mouse Button (MMB) on the wanted item, which sells all of that item in your inventory.
  • The Manual Way can be performed by right clicking on that item, select how much you want to sell and click "Confirm". When you choose an item to buy or sell an item you can use the green glass at the right side to add 1, 10 or 64 of the item to the transaction, you can also click the green glass at the very bottom to buy or sell in stacks. It is also possible to take items away from the transaction using the red glass at the left side of the shop menu.