DestinyMC Skyblock Wiki

Sell Wands appear as enchanted diamond hoes and Condense Wands appear as normal diamond hoes, they can have a certain amount of uses or have unlimited uses. You can get wands with limited uses from fighting bosses in /mines or /warp pvp, reaction events that appear in chat, from vote party crates or from the weekly rank kits. Unlimited use Sell and Condense Wands can only be gained from monthly crates or on our store.

Sell Wands

Right click a chest to sell all its contents for '/shop' values. If an item can't be sold to shop it will still be in the chest. When you sell items with this a message will appear in chat and show you how much money you earned. These wands don't work on hoppers and also don't work with a money booster.

Condense Wands

Right click a chest to condense all ingots and ores into blocks. This comes in handy for ore generators, iron golem farms and ore minions.