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Rules can be accessed in-game with the command /rules. Make sure you follow all of our rules when playing on Skyblock or on our discord!

Excessive/Directed Swearing

While some occasional or general swearing is acceptable, swearing at other players or staff will result in punishments. Excessive swearing is also not appreciated, so please do not continue if asked to stop.

Do not use racist or derogatory tems!

Do not use any racist or derogatory terms at all, even if the word has a different meaning to you as it can be very offensive to other players.

Do not use sexual terms!

Do not use any sexual terms in chat.

Do not spam!

Do not spam the same/multiple messages for malicious/disruptive intent. This may also include full capitalization, private message spam, command spam, character spam and regular spam of messages in chat.

Do not post inappropriate content!

Do not post any inappropriate links in chat. This includes pornographic images, 'screamers' and any other malicious links.

Do not threaten, DOX, or blackmail other users!

Do not use threats against other members or release other users' personal information. This may include terroristic, sexual, DDOS, cyber threats or DOXing.

Do not use inappropriate skins/builds/usernames/nicknames!

Do not use any inappropriate skins, usernames or nicknames that contain sexual, racial or offensive meaning/terms. This includes offensive builds, as well as long nicknames that are purposely spammy. If your name is deemed to be in violation of any of these requirements, you may be nicknamed by staff.

Do not disrespect other members!

Do not act disrespectfully to other members or staff members, including (not limited to) offensive terms/comments directed at others.

No soliciting or advertising!

Do not advertise anything that is not related to DestinyMC. This includes advertising your social media, video's, etc as well as products or services outside of DestinyMC. You can tell users that you are streaming but do not spam about your stream in chat (links are not allowed).

Do not use exploits or glitches!

Do not use any exploitations in any way (this includes server and external bugs). Report any exploits or glitches to a staff member.

Do not use any modifications or hacks!

Do not use any unfair modifications or hacked clients at all. This includes x-ray texture packs, auto clickers, schematica printer and other hacks or modifications

that provide you with unfair advantage.

Allowed modifications:

  • Optifine
  • Gamma mods
  • Aesthetic/Clarity enhancing mods
  • Minimaps
  • 5-Zig
  • Damage indicators
  • Better sprint / Toggle sprint (Bettersprint)

Do not evade a punishment!

Do not evade any punishments, including a mute or ban. This may result in an extended punishment or permanent punishment. If you were wrongfully punished then contact a senior staff member and make an appeal.

Do not chargeback!

Do not chargeback any payments or donations made to DestinyMC. Ensure you have parental or guardian consent before purchasing any content on our


Speak English in public chat!

Do not speak any other language except English in the public chat. Other languages can be used in private conversations (/msg or island chat for example).

Do not steal/grief!

Do not steal from an island/members within the said island. Do not grief other islands (this would include breaking blocks that you were not given permission to break by the island members).

Do not scam!

Do not scam other players on Skyblock.

Do not argue in main chat!

Do not argue with others in main chat (use /msg), arguing about punishments is to happen nowhere. Contact a staff member if you would like to dispute punishment.

Do not TP kill!

Do not teleport users to you for the purpose of killing them. If you teleport to a user and die that is your fault. Do not use your island warps to kill other users.

Do not combat log!

Do not log out in combat, if you were not in combat then you haven't logged.

Do not impersonate others!

Do not impersonate other players, no matter their role, e.g. member, donator, staff.

Do not discuss drugs/substances!

Do not discuss or reference drugs/abusive substances.

Do not cross server trade!

Do not attempt to trade items across the different gamemodes on the network.

Do not falsely report!

Do not falsely report a player or staff member maliciously. If you need to report someone, make sure you have screenshots of recordings of them breaking server rules or other.

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