DestinyMC Skyblock Wiki

Island levels can be gained by placing a variety of blocks on your island. Your island level is needed to level up your ore generator but there are no rewards for having the top island level. You can do /is top to see the top islands and your island level and position in the top islands. You can also see the placed amount of certain blocks to check out what and how many blocks other people have or for example how many hoppers you placed already. You can do /is rate while visiting an island to rate the island out of 5.

Place these blocks in order to increase your island level! You can check the value blocks ingame with the command /values

Item Levels
» Dragon egg +1000 Levels
» Beacon +100 Levels
» Emerald Block +3 Levels
» Diamond Block +2 Levels
» Iron Block +1.5 Levels
» Gold Block +1.5 Levels
» Obsidian +1.5 Levels
» Coal Block +0.5 Levels
» Lapis Block +0.25 Levels
» Redstone Block +0.25 Levels
» Enchanting Table +0.25 Levels
» Hopper +0.25 Levels

Island Top.png

You are able to organise the is top list by a variety of criteria:

•The diamond organises them by the amount of money they are worth
•The gold ingot organises them by the island level
•The emerald organises them by the rating they have recieved from other players
•The player head organises them by players

You can run /is info to see info about your island to see all sorts of info on your island such as the creation time how many visitors the island has had and how much the island is worth.