DestinyMC Skyblock Wiki

We have custom enchants on Skyblock! You can sell enchants to other players or simply use them for yourself, applying them to tools and armor.

The first four enchant tiers can also be purchased with experience from /enchant. Right click the tier to purchase (there will be a confirmation message for purchases). Left click the tier to view information about enchants in that tier (or check our sections here on the wiki). To see how much experience you have do /exp.

Tier XP Price
Mystic 5,000
Cryptic 15,000
Arcane 30,000
Demonic 50,000


  • Mystic
  • Cryptic
  • Arcane
  • Demonic
  • Angelic
  • Celestial

How to obtain:

  • Bosses - have a chance to drop enchants upon death.
  • Envoys - can obtain enchants from the rewards at our envoy events.
  • Rank Kits - claim rank kits in /kits to receive some enchants along with armor and other blocks.
  • Rank Treasures - upon opening a rank treasure (/rewards) you will receive a few enchants as one of your rewards.
  • Vote Party Crate - enchants are one of the rewards you can receive from a vote party crate.
  • Fractured Realm Kit - this gives you enchants as part of the kit in /kits.
  • Vote Crate - open vote crates with vote keys for the chance to win enchants.
  • Event Crate - win events to obtain event keys to open an event crate for the chance to win enchants.
  • Advanced Kits (GKits) - You can claim weekly kits (/gkits) that come with custom enchants.
  • Rank-ups - You will receive some custom enchants as a reward from ranking up in-game.
  • Mobcoins - Purchase custom enchants from /mobcoins.


Mystery Dust can be obtained by tinkering unwanted enchants. This mystery dust can then be identified by right clicking while holding it. You will either receive Magic Dust or Failed Dust. Failed Dust has no uses but you can sell it to /shop as gunpowder. Magic Dust however, can be used on enchants to increase the success rate of the enchant being added to an item.


When enchants are revealed, they come with a success and fail rate. The rates will add up to 100% overall. You can improve the success rate of an enchant by adding Magic Dust to it, therefore also lowering the fail rate. If an enchant fails to apply to an item, both the enchant and the item will get destroyed. You can prevent this by adding a protection orb or holy white scroll to the item. See below for more information on that.

Tinkerer (/tinker):

You can tinker star enchants that you do not want by doing /tinker. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to tinker the enchants once you put them in the menu. This will convert the unwanted enchants into mystery dust, which can be opened with a chance to receive magic dust. Make sure you do not exit the menu with enchants still in that section as they will not return to your inventory and you will not receive any dust.

Alchemist (/alchemist):

The alchemist allows you to combine two enchant stars of the same enchant and level to make the next level of that enchant. The success rate of that enchant will depend on the success rates that the two enchant stars had, as it chooses a rate in between what those two enchants had.

Enchanter (/enchant):

Purchase enchants with your experience by doing /enchant or /e. This will open up a menu that shows you the prices for different enchant tiers.