DestinyMC Skyblock Wiki

We run events often on Skyblock. Staff-run events are announced up to an hour before the start of the event in our discord, so join that to stay updated on events. Make sure you come to our events with an empty inventory and no armor on. Even though keep inventory is on we want all players to have an equal chance of winning. We also have envoy events in /warp pvp every 2 hours. See below for more information!

Balloon Dash

Balloon Dash Arena

Balloon Dash is a mini-game we host on Skyblock. It is a staff-run event so join our discord to receive notifications when this event is being run. Run /warp balloondash to get to this event!

Aim of the game: Finish the game as the last player remaining on a balloon.

How to play: Players will choose a balloon to stand in. When the round begins, players will not be allowed to leave their balloon. A random color will be chosen and the matching balloon will explode, eliminating players inside. Players will then be allowed out of the balloons to change colors if they wish (Note: If there are more than 8 players remaining, balloons will be reset. Once there are 8 or less players left in the game, balloons will no longer respawn, so there will be less colors available as the round progresses). If there are two players remaining and they are in the same balloon, one player will need to move to the other balloon. The round ends when there is only one player left in the game. Until the game ends, players can spectate in the ring surrounding the arena.

Approximate number of rounds: 3 rounds

Boat Race

Boat Race Arena

Boat Race is also a staff-run event. Go to /warp boatrace to participate in the event when it is being run!

Aim of the game: Be the first player to reach the finish line in our boat race course.

How to play: Navigate your boat through the map, avoiding obstacles and other players! Players will be disqualified if they sit in the back of the boat of another player to win. Players must drive under the finish line to win the round!

Approximate number of rounds: 3-4 rounds

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek Arena

Hide and Seek is run two different ways on Skyblock. It is a staff vs players event, with either staff or players hiding. Run /warp hideandseek to get to the arena! Check below to see how these two versions are played!

Staff Hiding:

Online staff members will hide in the map, wearing leather armor. Players will be released and can then find staff members. Each staff member found will give out a key to the player that finds them. However, once you have found a staff member, you may not look for more. Feel free to wander around the map, but do not find other staff as you will not be given more keys for that round.

Players Hiding:

Players will be allowed to hide in the map. They will be notified in chat as it gets closer to the time for staff to be released. Staff will begin searching for players. Players that are found must warp to the Hide and Seek Lobby and wait for the next round to begin. If you do not leave the arena when asked, you may be disqualified from the next round or future rounds of this event. The last 3 players hiding will win a key once found.

Approximate number of rounds: 2-3 rounds

Hop to the Top

Hop To The Top Arena

Hop to the Top is one of our shortest events. Run /warp hoptothetop to get to the arena!

Aim of the game: Get to the bottom of the second column first!

How to play: Players will run into one of the two red columns at the start of the game. You need to find the elevator block hidden on each layer in the columns and jump on it to get to the next layer. Make your way up to the top of the column, where you then move over to the adjacent column and start making your way down to the bottom. To go down a layer, find the hidden elevator block and shift on it. The first player down wins the round!

Approximate number of rounds: 3 rounds

Key Hunt

Key Hunt Arena

Key Hunt is one of our community favourite events. Run /warp keyhunt to get to the arena!

Aim of the game: Find the event key hidden in a container block (shulkers, chests, dispensers, droppers and hoppers)

How to play: Explore our map and check all container blocks to try to find the keys hidden in the map. Each player can only find one key per round! Keep an eye out for sneaky hidden spots!

Approximate number of rounds: 2

Mushroom Drop

Mushroom Drop Arena

Mushroom Drop is also a staff-run event with a playing style similar to Balloon Dash. Run /warp mushroomdrop to get to the arena!

Aim of the game: Be the last player standing in the arena.

How to play: At the beginning of the round, players drop from the lobby into the arena. They then have some time to choose a color. Random colors will then start getting removed, dropping any players standing on them down a layer. The last player remaining in the map wins the round. If more than one player is left and there is only one color left, the map is reloaded and players will be asked to change color. Colors then start being eliminated again, dropping players.

Approximate number of rounds: 3-4 rounds


Spleef Arena

This is the last of the current events we host on Skyblock. Run /warp spleef to get to this arena!

Aim of the game: Finish the round as the last player standing in the arena!

How to play: Players will drop from the plane (the lobby) and into the map. Make sure you claim the spleef kit at the npc in the lobby before this. Shortly after all players have dropped, block breaking will be enabled and the round will begin. Islanding is not allowed, so make sure players can run to your area at all times, otherwise staff may force you to the main area of that layer. If you are more than one layer above the next highest player, you will be asked to jump down. The round will end when there is only one player left in the map.

Approximate number of rounds: 3 rounds