DestinyMC Skyblock Wiki


This is the main form of currency, you can get it from a variety of things such as selling items to /shop, farms, opening crates or even killing bosses.

To see how to sell an item to the server shop click here. Some donator rank also have access to '/sell all' which sells every sellable item in your inventory and '/sell hand' which sells the item you are holding.

To sell to other players you can either use the auction house, use /trade or create a chest shop on your island.

Money has a lot of uses like buying items from /ah, buying and selling items at chest shops, buying at /shop or even in trading with other players


Mobs have a chance to drop mobcoins when you kill them. You can see how many mobcoins you have on your featherboard. To see what you can purchase with them do /mobcoins and hover your mouse over the items to see the description and the price. To purchase an item simply click on the one that you want.

Players can also give mobcoins away. To withdraw mobcoins, do /mobcoins withdraw [amount]. You can trade mobcoins (/trade), sell them on the auction house (/ah) or sell it to a players chest shop. To see how many mobcoins other players have simply hover over their name in chat.

Hostile Mobs have an 15% chance to drop mobcoins and passive mobs have a 10% chance to drop mobcoins upon death.


You can obtain tokens by voting on Skyblock, from envoy rewards, from crates and also by purchasing ranks. This special currency can be spent on rewards from the token shop (/ts). You can buy items such as ranks or crate keys from the token shop!