DestinyMC Skyblock Wiki

Crates Warp

Crates are obtained in a variety of ways and can be opened by going to /warp crates holding a key in your hand and right clicking on the matching crate. You can preview what is in each crate by left clicking them.

Vote Crate

Vote Crate keys are given by voting for the server with /vote or winning them from vote party crates. You are also given $250 and 5 minutes of temporary fly time for each vote.

Event Crate

Event Crate keys can be obtained by winning server events that are hosted by our event team. Have an eye on the #events channel on discord to not miss any Events!

Store Crates

Fabled, Forbidden and Fantasy Crate keys can be obtained by purchasing keys from store or receiving them with rank treasures (collectable every 30 days). They can also be purchased with mobcoins or won from Vote or Event Crates.