DestinyMC Skyblock Wiki

Here is a list of general commands that all players can use on Skyblock.

Command Description
/ac Lets you ask online staff members for assistance.
/ad Anti-Drop - adds a confirmation when dropping items.
/ah cancel Cancels any active auctions you have in /ah.
/ah expired Collect any expired auctions you have from here.
/ah help Provides you with helpful information about Auction House.
/ah menu Opens the Auction House menu.
/ah return Places any expired auctions in your inventory.
/ah search <item> Searches for specific items in the Auction House.
/ah sell <price> Sell items in Auction House by holding them and running this command.
/ah selling Shows you your currently active auctions.
/ah sold Shows you your recently sold items.
/alchemist Allows you to combine star enchants of the same enchant and level.
/apply Links to our discord where you can apply for staff, builder and content team.
/bal (or /balance) Shows you how much money you have.
/boosters Shows you active boosters and any boosters that you have.
/boss Use this to see when bosses will next spawn or if any are currently alive.
/boss list Same as /boss list but in chat instead of a menu.
/builder Link to our builder applications.
/buy Link to our store where you can purchase ranks and other special items.
/cstoggle Toggles chest shop notifications so that you do not get spammed in chat.
/delhome (name) Deletes a home you set.
/discord Invite link to our discord where you can be updated on changes made.
/duel List of duel commands.
/duel (player) Allows you to challenge another player to a duel.
/duel (player) (price) Duel another player for a set amount of money.
/duel accept (player) Accept another player's duel invitation.
/duel deny (player) Deny another player's duel invitation.
/duel stats (name) See the duel statistics of other players using this command.
/duel toggle Toggle whether you receive duel invitations.
/duel top Shows you the duel leaderboard.
/e Opens the enchant menu where you can purchase enchants.
/ekit (kitname) Claim kits without having to use the menu.
/envoy Tells you when the next envoy will start and how long the current envoy is going on for
/exp (or /xp) Shows you your total experience and how many levels you have.
/featherboard toggle Toggles the featherboard on the right side of your screen on and off.
/fishshop Sell custom fish from fishing to the fish shop for money.
/fly Activates your fly.
/fly time Shows you how much temporary flight time you have remaining.
/help Opens up a help menu that has the basic information you need for Skyblock.
/helpop Allows you to talk directly to staff if there is any issue to report or if you need assistance.
/home Teleports you to your home.
/home (name) Teleports you to your home.
/hub Brings you back to the network hub where you can join other gamemodes.
/kit Opens the kit menu.
/kits Opens the kit menu
/lottery Buy tickets to participate in the lottery using this command. Tickets cost $3k each.
/mail Contact offline players using /mail so that they see your message when they log on.
/marry (player) Use this command to marry another player. Costs $100k to marry.
/marry chat Special chat to communicate with your partner if married.
/marry divorce Divorce your partner for $50k.
/marry gender Declare your gender, which will show in /marry list.
/marry heal Heal your partner.
/marry home Teleport to a shared home.
/marry list (page) Shows you a list of all married players in-game.
/marry pvp on/off Toggles whether you can fight your partner or not.
/marry seen Shows you how long your partner has been offline or online for.
/marry sethome Set a home that you and your partner can teleport to.
/marry tp Teleports you to your partner.
/message (player) (text) Sends another player a private message.
/msg (player) (text) Sends another player a private message.
/mines Shows you a list of the mines. Click a mine that you have access to and it will teleport you to it.
/minion Shows you a list of available minions and their recipes.
/mobcoins Opens the mobcoin shop, where you can spend mobcoins on special items.
/mobcoins viewcoins (player) Shows you the number of mobcoins another player has.
/mobcoins withdraw (amount) Withdraw your mobcoins to sell to other players or store elsewhere.
/pay (player) (amount) Pay other players using this command.
/r (text) or /reply (text) Respond to a player's private message using this command.
/realname (name) Shows you the username of a nicknamed player.
/rewards Claim special rank rewards every month in this menu.
/rules List of server rules, hover over the books to see the different rules.
/sethome Sets a home at your location.
/shop Opens the Skyblock shop where you can buy and sell materials.
/shop (category) Opens a specific category in the shop.
/show Show items to other players in chat.
/spawn Teleports you to the Skyblock spawn.
/store Gives you a link to our web store.
/tags Opens the tag menu, where you can enable or disable tags you have.
/tags select (name) Select a specific tag to enable.
/tf Activate temporary fly received from voting.
/tinker Tinker unwanted star enchants or enchanted armor.
/tpa (name) Send a teleport request to other players.
/tpahere (name) Send a teleport request to a player to teleport them to you.
/tpaccept (or /tpyes) Accept a teleport request.
/tpadeny (or /tpno) Deny a teleport request.
/trade Send a player a trade request to securely exchange items.
/vote Gives you a link to the vote sites for our server.
/vouchers Shows you a list of the different tag vouchers we currently have.
/warp (name) Warp to a specific area using this command. Check out the warps page for a list of warps.
/warps Opens a menu with some basic Skyblock warps.
/withdraw (amount) Withdraw money from your balance.