Here is a table with a list of all the Celestial enchants currently available in-game:

Enchant Name Max Level Items it can be applied to
Extreme Insanity 8 Axes
Mighty Cleave 5 Axes
Mighty Cactus 2 Armor


4 Boots
Godly Overload 3 Armor
Reflective Block 4 Swords
Master Inquisitive 4 Swords
Divine Enlighted 3 Armor
Lethal Sniper 5 Bows
Titan Trap 3 Swords


4 Bows
Master Blacksmith 5 Axes
Vengeful Diminish 6 Chestplates
Alien Implants 3 Helmets
Ethereal Dodge 5 Armor
Paladin Armored 4 Armor
Heavenly Lifesteal 5 Swords
Deep Bleed 6 Axes
Shadow Assassin 5 Swords
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