DestinyMC Skyblock Wiki

Auction House is a place where players can sell their items to other players


Command Description
/ah Will open up the auction house
/ah search <item_name> Will filter the auction house for the requested item
/ah sell <price> This allows the player to place an item into the auction, an item must be in your hand while performing this command
/ah selling Will display all the items you are currently selling
/ah sold Displays the sold item history
/ah cancel This will cancel all your current selling items
/ah expired Displays all your expired items
/ah return Returns all your expired items

To purchase an item in the /ah you simply left click on it to view its confirmation menu, you click the green glass to confirm the purchase or red click to decline it, to cancel an item you can do /ah selling and click on the item you want to cancel then click the poisoned potato at the bottom left of the gui to collect your cancelled items.